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Keukenhof 75 years! 🎉

Flower exhibition Keukenhof will open its doors on 21 March 2024 which is exactly 75 years after it first opened for the public. During the almost eight weeks it is open, well over 1.4 million people from around the world will visit the exhibition. source

Giveaway! 75 days until we open. Check the comments!

Giveaway! Only 75 days left until we open our gates. We want to celebrate our 75th anniversary with you, so we’re giving away 75 bouquets of tulips. Who do you think deserves a colourful greeting? You can nominate someone in the comments. Who knows, Jacoba might be at the door soon with tulips!🌷 #Keukenhof75 #WhoLetYouBloom […]