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This double bill — Stravinsky’s Oedipus Rex (1927) and Samy Moussa’s Antigone (2020) — centres on the tragic collision between the political and the personal. In this new production, stage director Mart van Berckel and director-choreographer Nanine Linning bring together the worlds of classical tragedy and of twentieth- and twenty-first-century music in a unique theatrical experience.


Musical direction – Erik Nielsen
Stage direction of Oedipus Rex – Mart van Berckel
Stage direction and choreography of Antigone – Nanine Linning
Lighting design – Cor van den Brink
Dramaturgy – Luc Joosten, Laura Roling

Set and costume design – With the special permission of Vicki Mortimer, elements of the original design for Wayne McGregror’s production of Jocasta’s Line are used

Oedipus Rex
Sung in Latin

Libretto Jean Cocteau, based on Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex
Composition Igor Stravinsky

Oedipus – Sean Panikkar
Jocasta – Dame Sarah Connolly
Creon – Bastiaan Everink
Tiresias – Rafał Siwek
Le Berger – Linard Vrielink
Le Messager – Frederik Bergman
Speaker – Nazmiye Oral

Sung in Ancient Greek, composed for women’s chorus and orchestra

Composition – Samy Moussa

Antigone – Qian Liu / Nicola Jones
Polynices – Dingkai Bai / Rémy Catalan
Eteocles – Fabio Rinieri / Sven de Wilde
Eurydice – Sandra Quintyn / Antonina Tchirpanlieva
Haemon – Sander Baaij / Gabriel Rajah
Creon – Bastiaan Everink
Tiresias – Rafał Siwek

Samy Moussa in collaboration with Niall Potter; based on texts by Aeschylus, Apollodorus, Empedocles, Euripides, Philostratus the Elder and Sophocles

Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra

Chorus of Dutch National Opera
Chorus master – Edward Ananian-Cooper

Composition commission and co-production with Norwegian National Opera & Ballet (Oslo).
Antigone: Co-commission with Festival de Lanaudière (Canada).

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