Sven Ross – Someone Call Me Back (Demo) – Lyrics

A track inspired by cancelled trains during the corona crisis.

This year I study songwriting at ICMP in London, but last Friday was my last full day in London for a while, cause I decided to quarantine at my mum’s in The Netherlands. My train for Saturday got cancelled on Friday and I booked new ones but didn’t know if I could be sure they would depart. I wrote this song about the weird feeling it gave me on the same evening and made a demo for it over the last few days at my mum’s, after I arrived safely in the Netherlands on Saturday.

These are weird times but we should all try to turn it into something we can benefit from. There is a lot of days to spend by yourself so let’s just face it and take it. And maybe we shouldn’t call it ‘social distancing’ but ‘physical distancing’, cause although being physical is a nice part of being social, we’re still able to have contact due to technology. Anyways, enjoy these times and enjoy this song.

Oh yeah and it’s my birthday today so I thought it was cool to put it online now. Call someone to tell them to check it out 🙂

All instruments, production, mixing and mastering by me.
Anni and Victoria, thanks for letting me secretly record you during our video call and Jackson, thanks for your tips and tricks on the mix and master.

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