ESP32 Guide 2024 | Choosing and Using an ESP32 Board

The ESP32 family has grown considerably since its introduction in 2016. We’ll look at every ESP32 series and see how they compare. We’ll also check out a few development boards that might belong in YOUR workshop.

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DevKits, Modules, Systems on a Chip – the ESP32 has been around for over seven years! There are now almost a dozen distinct ESP32 series’, each with unique features and target applications. Combine that with a selection of a few hundred development boards, and it can be difficult to pick out the best ESP32 board for your project.

Today, we’ll look at every ESP32 series and see how they compare. That includes some new devices that will be released this year. It’s amazing how many features they have crammed into the ESP32!

We’ll also preview ESP Boards Manager 3.0 with the Arduino IDE and one of the latest ESP32-C6 DevKits. It’s coming out later this year, but you can run an Alpha copy now.

And I’ll show you how to use an online version of ESP Tools to identify those mystery ESP32 boards from your parts’ drawer. ESP Tools is a great utility that you’ll be seeing more of here in the workshop.

Here is the Table of Contents for today’s video:

00:00 – Introduction
02:48 – Espressif ESP32 Series
09:23 – ESP32 Product Selector
10:33 – Working with the ESP32
14:04 – Using Online ESP Tools
19:04 – Selecting an ESP32 Board
25:28 – Some Suggested ESP32 Boards
29:37 – Some Other ESP32 Boards
32:59 – ESP32 Boards Manager Alpha 3.0
39:19 – Conclusion

The ESP32 has to be the most versatile microprocessor around today, and you can build many experiments and projects with it. So pick out a great ESP32 development board and start exploring the amazing world of the Espressif ESP32!

Hope you enjoy the video!


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