Corona Cabaret (Green Oak Theatre Fundraiser)

We at Green Oak Theatre are hosting an online Cabaret to raise money for our upcoming debut, not-for-profit, original production of The Thornthwaite Inheritance: The Musical. Enjoy the variety of performances from the cast and crew of the show hosted by Vivien Murray and Des McRedmond.



Would you like to support local theatre in Canberra? Then give it a Hi-$5! If you donate just $5 towards the production you are supporting:

1. Local Theatre Companies: apart from Green Oak, you’re helping out other local theatre companies that we’re hiring set and prop pieces from!

2. Local Theatres: we have to perform somewhere!

3. Local businesses: we’ve been buying all our set material, props and costumes locally, as well as hiring local food and sound technology businesses!

4. Local artists: directors, writers, composers, painters, set designers, musicians, actors, dancers and singers are all part of making a show!

5. Local patrons: we want to make our tickets affordable so that our production can be enjoyed by all!

Any questions? Contact us via email or Facebook!


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