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Director Jetske Mijnssen about Donizett’s Maria Stuarda [behind the scenes] | Dutch National Opera

The fatal conflict between two historical queens. Although, historically speaking, Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart never actually met, a potential encounter between the two has formed the stuff of fantasy for writers, painters and composers over the centuries. Donizetti wrote an unparalleled confrontation scene for the two to go head to head in! Maria Stuarda […]

The music of Alexander Raskatov's Animal Farm | behind the scenes [2/2] | Dutch National Opera

From written notes on paper to a rehearsal studio full of orchestral sounds. Watch and listen how conductor Bassem Akiki together with The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra let composer Alexander Raskatov’s music for Animal Farm come to life! This performance is part of Opera Forward Festival SUBSCRIBE to our channel for new video’s every week: http://bit.ly/YoutubeNOB […]