Philomena Ballerina


ANDERSON .PAAK ft. Rick Ross – CUT EM IN | Ballet “Frank Bridge Variations” by Hans Van Manen

EDITD excerpts from Hans van Manen’s ballet “Frank Bridge Variations” performed by the Dutch (Het) Nationale Ballet (the best ballet in the world!). Dancers featured in the excerpts: Remi Wortmeyer (seriously, he borders on TOO good), Floor Eimers (love her!) & Sem Sjouke, Pascalle Paerel & Cristiano Principato, and Laura Rosillo & Daniel Montero Real. […]

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – THE WAY YOU USED TO DO | Beach Odyssey by Leo Hepler (Edited extract)

Edited extract from Leo Hepler’s brilliant piece “Beach Odyssey” with his friends and fellow dancers with the Dutch Nationale Ballet (a.k.a. HET Ballet) Emma Mardegan, Mila Nicolussi Caviglia, and my boy, Bela Erlandson. (Part of the Dutch Nationale Ballet’s amazing “New Moves” collection!) I made edits to the extract & changed the music to the […]

LANA DEL REY & COOLIO – Gangsta’s Paradise [SICKICK Tiktok Remix Mashup] | “Rose” (Edited extract)

This is an edited extract from Milena Sidorova’s flawless dance film “Rose” (for the incredible Dutch Nationale Ballet). I made edits to one of the scenes & changed the music to SICKICK’s Tiktok remix/mashup (extended version) of “Jealous Girl” by Lana Del Rey & Coolio’s classic “Gantsta’s Paradise.” Milena Sidorova is unbelievable. She conceived the […]

SPOON – WhisperI’lllistentohearit | Pointe Ballet Duet Piano Concerto | Anna Ol & Artur Shesterikov

Edited pointe ballet Pas de Deux “Piano Concerto” by Alexei Ratmansky performed by Artur Shesterikov and the magnificent Anna Ol (the one-and-only!) for the Dutch Nationale Ballet (a.k.a. HET Nationale Ballet). I edited the video & changed the music to the song “WhisperI’lllistentohearit” (—Whisper I’ll Listen to Hear It—) by Spoon. *****PLEASE check out the […]