IR Remotes & Microcontrollers – Arduino & ESP32

Everything you need to know about using IR Remote Controls with Arduino and ESP32.

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We have looked at infrared remote controls before, but the library has changed in the five years since we did, and the technology has advanced. So it’s time to pay this topic another visit.

First, we’ll see how these gizmos work and get into the details of the NEC IR Protocol, which about 80% of consumer devices use. We’ll even hook a recover and IR diode to an oscilloscope to take a look at the invisible infrared signal.

Then, we’ll get up to date with the latest IRremote Library updates and look at another library that supports three times as many IR protocols. I’ll also show you how to handle those “stubborn” remote controls, like the ones used with air conditioners.

And, of course, we’ll have plenty of “hands-on,” with experiments based around both a classic Arduino Uno and an ESP32.

And I couldn’t have you watch an hour and a half of video without building something practical. So, we’ll finish up by putting together a custom IR remote control with an ESP32. It uses a web-based interface, so you can add as many buttons as you need and control your world from your phone or tablet.

Here is the table of contents for today’s huge video:

00:00 – Introduction
02:53 – IR Remote Controls
10:42 – Sensors, Emitters & Scope Test
15:40 – The Arduino-IRremote Library
17:43 – Arduino Uno Hookup
24:44 – SimpleReceiver Example
30:52 – SimpleSender Example
35:31 – The IRMP Library
37:38 – Arduino & LCD Hookup
42:10 – AllProtocols Code & Demo
46:04 – Emulating Transmitters and Receivers
47:06 – Receiver Code & Demo
52:52 – Transmitter Code & Demo
1:00:30 – Capturing IR Remote Codes
1:01:19 – ReceiveAndSend Code & Demo
1:10:58 – ReceiveAndSendDistanceWidth Code & Demo
1:16:18 – ESP32 Remote Control & Hookup
1:19:06 – ESP32 Remote Control Code & Demo
1:28:53 – ESP32 IR Receiver Hookup
1:29:48 – Conclusion

Believe it or not, there is more material, but I had to stop somewhere! So keep your eyes peeled for another video with three really cool IR projects.

And make sure that you check out the accompanying article on the DroneBot Workshop website. It has more information and links to many IR remote control-related websites.

Hope you enjoy the (long) video!



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