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Hello everyone 🙂
this time around I want to talk to you about starting ballet in your 20s and what my experience has been like so far.
I started ballet at the age of 25 (at the end of last year) although I had wanted to start ballet 10 years ago – basically ever since I first watched Dance Academy on TV 😉
I hope you find this video interesting and encouraging!

Let me know if you take any dance lessons in the comment section – I’d love to hear about your experience 🙂

Have a lovely day or night
Céline 🌸

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1) introduction
2) ballet experience 03:15
3) fitness 08:07
4) books 12:49
5) films 16:44

resources mentioned: (these are my personal recommendations)
– Tatyana’s channel:
– (Dutch) Nationale Opera & Ballet:
– Dance Academy series:
– arte:
– veronica K Ballet Coach:
– Glamour playlist with Scout Forsythe:

music (epidemic sound):
– The Way You Danced With Him by The Flax:
– Just Like My Dream by The Flax:


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