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George Orwell wrote Animal Farm as a contemporaneous cautionary parable, highlighting how easy it was for the Russian revolution to degenerate into Stalin’s violent dictatorship. The warning in Orwell’s political satire remains relevant today. “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others” – the world news keeps offering up subtle variations on the same theme. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for new video’s every week: http://bit.ly/YoutubeNOB

Damiano Michieletto had always dreamt of adapting Animal Farm, with its powerful characterisations and surprising twists and turns, for the opera stage. In Alexander Raskatov, the perfect composer for his dream project was found.

Animal Farm information and tickets: https://www.operaballet.nl/en/dutch-national-opera/2022-2023/animal-farm

Opera in two acts, nine scenes and an epilogue
Sung in English

Composition Alexander Raskatov
Libretto Ian Burton and Alexander Raskatov

Musical direction Bassem Akiki
Stage direction Damiano Michieletto
Set Paolo Fantin
Costumes Klaus Bruns
Lighting Alessandro Carletti
Choreography Thomas Wilhelm
Dramaturgy Wout van Tongeren, Luc Joosten

Old Major Gennady Bezzubenkov
Napoleon Misha Kiria
Snowball Michael Gniffke
Squealer James Kryshak
Boxer Germán Olvera
Benjamin Karl Laquit
Minimus Artem Krutko
Clover Helena Rasker
Muriel Maya Gour*
Blacky Elena Vassilieva
Mollie Holly Flack
Pigetta (young actress) Karl Laquit
Mr. Jones Marcel Beekman
Mrs. Jones Francis van Broekhuizen
Mr. Pilkington Frederik Bergman
2 men of Mr. Jones Alexander de Jong, Joris van Baar
2 men of Mr. Pilkington Mark Kurmanbayev, Michiel Nonhebel
2 men from veterinary car Alexander de Jong, Mark Kurmanbayev

*Dutch National Opera Studio

Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

Chorus of Dutch National Opera
6 sopranos, 6 mezzo-sopranos, 6 tenors, 6 basses
Chorus master Edward Ananian-Cooper

New Amsterdam Youth Choir (part of Nieuw Vocaal Amsterdam)
8 sopranos, 8 altos
Youth chorus master Anaïs de la Morandais

Composition and co-production by Dutch National Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, Teatro Massimo (Palermo), and the Finnish National Opera and Ballet (Helsinki)

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