ANDERSON .PAAK ft. Rick Ross – CUT EM IN | Ballet “Frank Bridge Variations” by Hans Van Manen

EDITD excerpts from Hans van Manen’s ballet “Frank Bridge Variations” performed by the Dutch (Het) Nationale Ballet (the best ballet in the world!). Dancers featured in the excerpts: Remi Wortmeyer (seriously, he borders on TOO good), Floor Eimers (love her!) & Sem Sjouke, Pascalle Paerel & Cristiano Principato, and Laura Rosillo & Daniel Montero Real.

I edited pieces of the ballet and changed the music to “Cut Em In” by Anderson .Paak featuring Rick Ross.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw this solo by Remi….
When he did those big leaps, especially with how the video (linked above) was filmed, it was so intense that it figuratively, but also somewhat physically, knocked the wind out of me. I was awestruck.

***As I always say: I can’t stress enough how important it is to watch the ACTUAL work of art! My video is just an edit and could never do justice to the artwork’s true beauty! SO PLEASE watch the REAL, unedited performance!!! —

*****PLEASE check out the Dutch Nationale Ballet’s YouTube channel & subscribe! —
They are, in my humble opinion, the best ballet company the world over, and home to Miss Anna Ol (the greatest ballerina on earth…no big deal), along with scores of the best dancers the world has to offer.
*****Visit the Dutch Nationale Ballet’s website at for more information on tickets for upcoming performances (which you can livestream from home) & other ways to support this beacon of beauty to the world! 🙂


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