Titel: Princess Galathea [Elenora Hu] Operetta Land | Dutch National Opera

Elenora Hu is Princess Galathea in Operetta Land! This tough and stubborn princess was once a marble statue, which has left her with a little souvenir: a marble heart. Who will succeed in melting Princess Galathea’s heart?

🎼 National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands conducted by Aldert Vermeulen


Concept and performance: Steef de Jong
Text: Paulien Cornelisse and Steef de Jong

Music: Johann Strauss Jr., Jacques Offenbach, Arthur Sullivan, and others, arrangements by Marijn van Prooijen
Musical direction: Aldert Vermeulen
Stage direction: Steef de Jong
Co-direction: Maria Lamont
Set design & costumes: Steef de Jong
Lighting design: Cor van den Brink
Dramaturgy: Laura Roling
Team Groots en Meeslepend: Ina Veen, Stephan Nelissen, Willy Veen

De verzinner, Lady Kant, Venus: Steef de Jong
Koningin: Raoul Steffani
Prinses Galathea: Elenora Hu*
Minister van Financiën: Marc Pantus
Graaf Lothar: Laetitia Gerards
Koning Pygmalion/Heggenschaarhuzaar: Frederik Bergman
Sir Taki/Heggenschaarhuzaar: Femke Hulsman
Prins Nicola/Heggenschaarhuzaar: Ian Castro*

*Dutch National Opera Studio

In collaboration with Vienna Volksopera

Orchestra: National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands

#Operettaland #operetta #steefdejong

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