Dual Boot Workstation – Windows 11 & Ubuntu 22.04

Step-by-step instructions for building a dual-boot workstation with Ubuntu Linux 22.04 & Microsoft Windows 11

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The workstation in my office that I use to develop code is on its last legs, so I’ve decided to put together a new one. This time, instead of just Linux, I’m building a dual-boot computer that will run both Ubuntu Linux 22.04 and Microsoft Windows 11.

I’m starting from scratch, with a “bare-bones” Intel NUC 11 that I’ve configured with two SSDs and memory, however, you can also use these instructions to modify an existing Windows 11 device. I’m installing both Windows and Linux onto the same SSD, but you can also use independent drives for each operating system if you prefer. And, if you wish, you could use a different distribution of Linux.

Dual-boot machines are not perfect, you can also elect to use virtual machines or WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), I’ll go over those options in the video.

Once I get the two operating systems installed, I’ll also create a shared drive that is visible to both Linux and Windows. Then I’ll demonstrate how you can configure your Arduino IDE to use the same shared location for storing sketches and libraries.

Here is the Table of Contents for today’s video:

00:00 – Introduction
02:43 – Dual-Boot Workstation
08:12 – Dual-Boot Alternatives
09:47 – Obtain Ubuntu & Windows
13:40 – Bootable USB Utilities
15:42 – Windows Licensing
19:58 – BIOS Settings
21:58 – Install Windows 11
26:20 – Prepare Windows for Linux
32:44 – Install Ubuntu 22.04
37:07 – Bootloader Choices
39:23 – Using Both Operating Systems
49:24 – Conclusion

Hopefully you will find the video and the associated article useful if you’re putting together a dual-boot system of your own.


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