ESP32 Sound – Working with I2S

Build an Internet Radio, an MP3 Player, and display microphone waveforms with an ESP32 and some I2S peripherals. Learn to use the I2S sound protocol with the ESP32.

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You might have seen the term “I2S” on the spec sheet for the ESP32 and may have just assumed that it was a form of I2C. Well, you would be mistaken – I2S is a protocol for manipulation of digital audio, and today we will be using it with the ESP32.

After a short primer on I2S and digital audio fundamentals, we will use an I2S microphone module with an ESP32. We’ll display the microphone output as a waveform on the Arduino IDE Serial Plotter.

After that, we will grab a library from GitHub, and we’ll use it to build an MP3 player with an I2S amplifier module. We’ll then use the same library and the ESP32 WiFi to create an Internet Radio.

Finally, we will convert our simple Internet Radio into a stereo device, with a volume control.

Here is what is in today’s video:

00:00 – Introduction
01:27 – I2S & Digital Audio Intro
08:25 – I2S Peripherals
10:18 – Using an I2S Microphone
18:37 – I2S MP3 Player
28:31 – Simple I2S Internet Radio
33:41 – Stereo Internet Radio
43:56 – Conclusion

Remember, if you need any of the code used here, you’ll find it on the DroneBot Workshop website at https://dronebotworkshop.comesp32-i2s.

Hope you enjoy the video!



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