Understanding Arduino Interrupts | Hardware, Pin Change & Timer Interrupts

Learn to use Hardware, Pin Change and Timer Interrupts with the Arduino Uno.

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Today we are working with a fundamental programming concept, the use of Interrupts.

Now, this certainly isn’t the first time we have worked with interrupts, we have used Hardware Interrupts in several previous videos. But we have never taken a deep dive into the subject, and as it is a very important concept, I feel it’s time that we did!

Plus, Hardware Interrupts are just one of three types of interrupts supported by the Arduino. So we also should take a look at Pin Change and Timer Interrupts as well.

We are working with an Arduino Uno today, but the concepts we are discussing are applicable to just about any microcontroller.

Interrupts can help you make more responsive user interfaces, perform timed operations, or just write better and more efficient code.

Here is the Table of Contents for today’s video:

00:00 – Introduction
01:51 – No Interrupt Demo
07:02 – Hardware Interrupts
19:51 – Pin Change Interrupts
37:22 – Timer Interrupts
46:21 – Conclusion

Hopefully the video and its associated article will prove to be a good resource as you work to improve your code with interrupts.



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