(Pas de Deux) – Peter Leung – Shooting Stars | Dutch National Ballet

Peter Leung likes to blur boundaries. His work as a choreographer and stage director, integrates many artistic disciplines, ensuring these boundaries barely perceptible. However, as a trained classical dancer, he has repeatedly come up against one boundary that appears to be very firmly entrenched: the strict gender roles upheld in the classical ballet scene. Leung feels the time has come to play with these roles. And who is more suited to bringing about this change than the talented young dancers of the Junior Company?

In Leung’s choreography for Shooting Stars, two dancers perform a duet that transcends gender-specific movements and dance steps. It does not incorporate lifts that can only be performed by men, nor does it contain any elegant pirouettes geared towards women. Leung’s duet is interchangeable and the steps are adaptable: it is performed by dancer A and dancer B, who can be substituted endlessly. To music by Woodkid, the Junior Company illustrates dancers and dance movements are not defined by gender, but by a person. The open-mindedness of these young dancers will pave the way in pushing the boundaries of gender in classical ballet.
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