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We all change, continuously, but at which point do you become who you are?

In her latest work Bloom, Young Creative Associate Milena Sidorova focuses on the transition that many consider to be the most important development a person can go through in life: forming your identity as a young adult. This is a period in which everything that was predefined comes to an end and independent life starts, shaping you as the person you will eventually become. Each decision made during this period, contributes to this identity, and many of the peers with whom you shared a close relationship for years, have suddenly headed in a different direction. What’s more, this is a phase of personal development that many of the dancers of the Junior Company are going through right now. With these young artists in mind, Sidorova created a choreographic work that is set to an exciting and playful composition by Bobby McFerrin and Caroline Shaw. The result is a work that portrays this particular phase in life, but also contains a certain nostalgia for this time, echoing the dancers’ and the audience’s own experiences.
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