‘Every Hour Counts. Every Person Counts,’ Zelenskyy Says

In today’s exclusive The Ukraine Call to Action, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says journalists and Ukrainian residents seeking to escape the violence shouldn’t be targeted, he says. Take action to call on leaders to support with humanitarian aid here: http://glblctzn.co/ukraine.

Yesterday, in occupied Kherson, a journalist, Oleg Baturyn, was kidnapped.

Two city mayors were kidnapped. One, sadly, was killed. Horribly killed.

The story of Brent Renaud is the story of thousands of people whose lives were taken by Russian occupants. He is the one among thousands.

On the occupied territories Russians shot, torture, capture. [They] kill people on the road while they are trying to evacuate.

For the last 18 days of war, Russian forces committed more war crimes than Europe has seen since WWII.

Russian forces block Ukrainian cities, peaceful cities, and try to demolish them by starvation, missiles, bombs.

They try to completely destroy these cities.

Russian forces use launch rocket system Uragan against residential blocks. They also have other systems called Grad and Smerch.

Americans, you should understand what kind of destruction these weapons cause to our cities.

Artillery called “Uragan” (tornado). Europeans, do you understand that residential areas will become nothing but burning debris? And on top of all this, Russian army strikes with missiles and bombs.

Just last night, in the Lviv region of our country, they launched 30 rockets. 35 people killed, 134 people wounded. The missiles hit only 20 km from the border of NATO.

Russia already brought war close to you. Listen, how many more people have to die for you to close our sky? How many? And of which citizenship?

We already understand they would not be Ukrainians. So tell me, who and from which country, and what is that place they have to hit with missiles, so that there is your reaction at last? So that the sky is closed at last, or we are given planes.

We, Ukrainians, flying those planes, will be able to protect Europe.

Ukraine defends its land the way it can. Ukraine defends its sky the way it can. But we don’t have such weapons as you do.

And which you just have laying there while our people are being killed.

We asked for a missile defense system. We asked for planes so that we could stop the enemy faster, so that we don’t lose thousands of our people.

So that Russian invaders could not kill your people, journalists, volunteers, who came to Ukraine only to show the truth, only to help. So how much longer should we wait for Ukraine to get the planes at last?

Every hour counts. Every person counts. Act.

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