Global Citizen Live Opening Ceremony | Global Citizen Live

Hosts from all over the world introduce the 24-hour broadcast event, Global Citizen Live. See Priyanka Chopra Jonas in Paris, Billy Porter and Rachel Broshanan in New York, Roman Kemp in London, Anil Kapoor in Mumbai, Ebuka and Nancy Isime in Lagos, and Scott Evans in L.A., as the world unites to defend the planet and defeat poverty.

Global Citizen Live calls for action to halt climate change and for wealthy countries to deliver on the $100B climate pledge, $6B for famine relief, and COVID-19 vaccine justice for all. On Sept. 25, 2021, over 60M COVID-19 vaccines, 157M trees, and more than US$1.1B in commitments to climate, famine, and COVID-19 response efforts were announced as part of the partner-led campaign. The Global Citizen Live campaign continues in the lead-up to the G20 Summit and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) later this year.
Global Citizen is a social action platform for a global generation that aims to solve the world’s biggest challenges. On our platform, you can learn about issues, take action on what matters most, and join a community committed to social change. We believe we can end extreme poverty because of the collective actions of Global Citizens across the world.

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