He survived a Taliban shooting massacre — here’s how he's fighting back | Global Citizen Spotlight

Waleed Khan was just 12 years old when six gunmen affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban attacked his school in Peshawar. Waleed was shot eight times, including six times in the head and face, but survived. He’s now using his story to help improve education around the world and save children from suffering the same fate as his friends.
“They’re not scared of bombs and guns. They’re scared of education.,” Waleed says. “That’s why they attacked my school. They know that it is the only weapon which can totally eradicate terrorism from its roots.”

Produced and edited by Lamar Salter
Interview by Imogen Calderwood
Animation/GFX by Jordan Harrison.
Cinematography by George Watson.

Learn more about Waleed’s story through his own words here: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/pakistan-school-attack-birmingham-education/
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